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Intro post here.

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Gorgeous!!! esp your winter shot on Photophile.

Классный блог

bro you rock, your photos are just unbelievable, can I ask you what foto camera do you use, i f it is not a secret?

Thanks :) It depends on the photo. The horse photo in lj_photophile and the one here were taken with a Canon Rebel XTi. I currently use the Canon T2i, which I love. I also take a lot of photos with my Olympus point and shoot.

hi, can you please friend me? love your photos,
thanks That Cherry Bay is EFFING GORGEOUS! :-D

Aaaaaaaaand, I'm a derp. Meant to also say before I posted that I've added you LoL

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That's my Ozzy. He's a standardbred, and until last year was my 50 mile endurance horse.

I'd like to friend you - we have many horsey friends in common! I do post a lot, not always horsey, but you can feel free to just ignore my ramblings ;)

I'm surprised we weren't friends already! Added :) I post a lot too. Not always horses :)

Because I don't stalk you enough through DA and your blogspot.

Added :) This is where I do all the nitty gritty blogging ;)

I'm a lurker. But I enjoy your photos! And Ozzy reminds me of my own beastie. Mind if I friend you?

(Deleted comment)

I love your photos and I sincerely miss you on blogspot.

Mind adding me?

I'd love to add you to my friends list.. I sure would be interested in driving help with my POA pony that I am training. I'm friends with quietann

I am happy to add you. I haven't done much driving recently, but I am happy to answer questions and I'm always looking for new friends.

I added you because I have been recently reading some of your opinions and your writing is eloquent. I love the photos too. I don't write often on my own journal though..

I added you back :) I ramble mostly about horse stuff, but I post lots of pictures along the way :)

(Deleted comment)
Of course! I'm always happy to make new friends. The bay above is my heart horse, Ozzy, a 12 year old standardbred gelding. Love him to pieces.

So I kinda want to friend you because you share several LJ friends with me and obviously the same love for horses and Standardbreds! I am onto my 2nd Standie gelding, and would love to pick your brain and lurk! Plus Bex clearly thinks highly of you and that is good people in my book. :)

Friend away! I'm always open to more people. I added you :) Standardbreds are the BEST.

nutmeg3 rec'd you to me in the LJ Friends Swap, so I've added you, hope that's okay. :)

I've added you back! Nice to meet you :)

Was going through the endurance tags in equestrian and think you might be from Jersey too? I just got into riding and want to do LDs and CTRs in the future- Hope you don't mind a friend request (:

I am in NJ! I have added you back. It would be great to see you out there!

Infrequent commenter on your wordpress blog (and probably under my gmail, not LJ). Added you.

Hi! My friend rec'd me here as a fellow pitbull and horse lover. Please add me, if you don't mind. :)

Hey, I am relatively new here. My journal is public for now. Can we give LJ friendship a shot?

Hi! I'm Grace, I'm a friend of seewildflowers's. Would you mind if I added you? How's that for sounding creepy, ha! Promise, I'm not a creeper. I'm always in need of more friends, and she thought we'd get along quite nicely. :)

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Hi Grace,
Sorry for the delay. I was away competing! Yes, I'll add you back!

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